IT skills gap: the industry forecast

9th May 2018

Today, more than 1.5 million people work in the digital sector or roles related to digital technology. In fact, the number of digital technology jobs across the UK has grown at twice the rate of [read more]

From the magazine: A level-headed approach

2nd May 2018

Efficiency and effectiveness are the end goal when it comes to school processes. So, how do you review and develop systems and processes whilst managing your team and your day-to-day tasks? For the April issue of Education Executive, Marie [read more]

Managing staff absence in schools and academies

1st May 2018

Staff absence costs, however, you can take action, implement the right measures and take back control. The team at Strictly Education delve into absence and its management Staff absences cost Britain’s schools and academies more than [read more]

The capacity to lead

26th April 2018

Leadership comes in many guises, and there are many different styles, but all leaders have one thing in common – they said ‘Yes’ and accepted the leadership role – in spite of the risk of [read more]

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