Change by choice: leading organisational change

19th January 2018

Organisational change does not simply require management; it needs leadership. Philip Cox-Hynd is a change implementation specialist and author of Mindfulness and the Art of Change by Choice. Here he explores how you can create [read more]

Walk a mile in my shoes…

17th January 2018

The feeling that there aren’t enough minutes in the day is one which many readers will be familiar with. How do you ensure that you’re working to live, rather than living to work? Marie Cahalane [read more]

A partnership founded on a trust

11th January 2018

The Horncastle Umbrella Trust in Lincolnshire is a thriving partnership between Banovallum Comprehensive and Queen Elizabeth Grammar. While both schools retain their separate identities they collaborate on a range of key school business issues including [read more]

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