CPD: A thirst for knowledge

4th December 2017

Caroline Collins, head of school business strategy and resources, Miles Coverdale Primary School, shares what fuels her thirst for knowledge and why continuous professional development (CPD) is so important When I was growing up, the [read more]

Team work makes the dream work

20th October 2017

What are the five most important skills that managers and leaders must be able to demonstrate when leading a team? Tim Martin explores which attributes you should be fostering and how you should be managing [read more]

Nurturing resilience in the school environment

19th October 2017

Reading, writing, arithmetic…and resilience. Anna Bassi, editor at The Week Junior magazine, takes a close look at the role of resilience in the school environment and the benefits to students and staff alike From citizenship [read more]

Guide: A mental health model for schools

6th October 2017

Schools can play a key role in the fight against poor mental health. Too often, however, they don’t have the capacity – lacking funding and/or resources – to support students. Over the course of her [read more]

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