Court ruling on term-time holidays backfires

24th October 2017

CREDIT: This story was firstr seen in The Telegraph Court ruling on term-time holidays backfires, as figures show surge in unauthorised absences, The Telegraph reports. he number of parents taking their children on term-time holidays has risen [read more]

Nurturing resilience in the school environment

19th October 2017

Reading, writing, arithmetic…and resilience. Anna Bassi, editor at The Week Junior magazine, takes a close look at the role of resilience in the school environment and the benefits to students and staff alike From citizenship [read more]

Absence management: reasons and entitlements

16th October 2017

Absence costs; poor absence management costs even more. The backbone of successful management is your school’s absence policy, a consistent and fair approach and a mindfulness of your staff – all reinforced by a thorough [read more]

School improvement planning: getting it write

16th October 2017

Improving quality is a critical step on the – seemingly endless – path to perfection for school leaders, says Louise Doyle, director at quality assurance specialists Mesma. Here she considers how to produce an effective [read more]

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