Projecting into the future: classroom technology

6th September 2017

There has never been a more exciting time in education technology with IT teams working with an unprecedented selection of software and hardware innovations to improve the learning experience and improve efficiencies. With the industry [read more]

Creating a culture of change

27th June 2017

Change is a word very familiar in the education sector. But what about cultural change? This feature, which first appeared on Team Technology, examines team building for organisations, or ‘cultural change’. It discusses one of the [read more]

You’re hired: Recruitment and retention

30th May 2017

Brookside Academy in Somerset is currently one of the top 100 apprentice employers in England. Here we speak to their business manager, SANDRA BARTLETT, to find out about the benefits of the scheme and how [read more]

The entrepreneur: Business skills to burn

25th May 2017

As the school business landscape continues to shift and reshape, the role of the school management team broadens. You need the skills and entrepreneurial know-how to thrive in a competitive environment, where running a school [read more]

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