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Is EdEXEC LIVE worth a day away from school and your busy schedule?
There are lots of really strong reasons why spending the day with us and your colleagues will benefit you and your school. We’ve highlighted just a few of them below:

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Budget-focused school improvement (BFSI)
As budgets tighten, expectations seem to increase; we’re acutely aware that schools are now required to do more for less, so BFSI is central to our agenda! EdExec LIVE delivers tangible ideas and examples of how you can make and save money, whilst improving your school environment and performance. We provide the resources that you need to tread the financial tightrope and deliver educational excellence with a variety of innovative seminars based on tried and tested approaches.
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Continued professional development (CPD)
The education sector is changing. There are increased expectations weighing heavily on the shoulders of those in school business management and professional development is key to lightening this burden. EdExec LIVE is an opportunity to develop your existing skillset and see which direction you might want to take. As the role of the school business manager develops, opportunity blossoms – now is the time to assess your options for personal progression. We address this at EdExec LIVE; speak to those that are considering their next steps and those that have already taken them.
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Collaboration and networking
We all know that many hands make light work and that two heads are better than one. EdExec LIVE strives to create a hub of school business management innovation. The event brings together school business managers and leaders from across the UK – after all there’s no better support than peer support. Our event is an opportunity to meet local and national colleagues, members of bursar groups and formal and informal clusters – a chance to meet new people, share best practice and form long-lasting professional relationships that could benefit you and your school in the future.
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Can you afford to miss out?
Much like last year’s event, EdExec LIVE is a day of valuable seminars, panel discussions and master classes focused on the business of running schools – but with all-new content and all-new speakers. Practical by nature, we strive to provide useful, take-home information – think of it as a day-long MBA for SBMs. Like you we love efficiency, and provide you with a bespoke timetable so you get the most out of your day in terms of learning – but we ensure there’s plenty of time for networking (over a delicious hot lunch or later over drinks) and meeting with our carefully selected supplier partners in the main event space.
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Seminars and speakers
Seminars are dedicated to the issues that affect you and your role most. Carefully constructed to provide maximum benefit – they offer insight into topics such as fundraising initiatives; practical bid-writing and employment law issues. Other topics include HR, legal, CPD as well as premises management, finance and ICT. We invite speakers because they are experts in their respective fields – practicing SBMs, consultants, or industry professionals – all of whom will be on hand to share their experiences running an educational establishment and overcoming the difficulties that the sector faces.
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Exhibition and suppliers
We’ve been in the industry and are well acquainted with the school supplies market. Exhibitors are carefully selected leaders in their fields, matching the range of solution providers and services that school leaders have said they want to engage and build relationships with. This is a chance to meet and engage with key partners in the education sector who can help you and your school with services and support. It’s about seeing what cutting-edge products and services are out there, what others are using and how products can work for you and your school.
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Don’t just take our word for it

Here’s what some of our previous delegates have had to say about the day

It was a great day out and I hope to make some good cost savings from it. The seminars were excellent and gave me some good tips on how to do my job better - a thoroughly enjoyable dayJo Schumacher
I liked the ability to pick and choose the seminars of most value and the time spent in these was just right - quick snapshots. I liked the option to use some of the lunch break for extra seminarsJane Taylor
A great and very well organised event with the right and balanced sophistication. Excellent use of time and relevant content. I call it an "over the wall" experience and a must attend, since the management of time is such a precarious exercise within a daily walled-garden routine in school. Thank you again for the invitation and for the lunch. This, by the way, was amazing!Carla Castro
Great day - collected really useful information to bring back to school to share with SLT. Seminars were varied, appropriate and informative. Booking each of the seminars prior to the event made the day run much smoother. Opportunities for networking are invaluable and the lunch was excellent!Lynne Tate
Great day worth the time out of school - really appropriate to SBMs Thank youJoan Pennington

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