Marketing your school and crafting effective value proposition

Justin Smith, MD, Chameleon Training and Consultancy

Understanding that your school is a brand and applying the principals of marketing are now more important than ever. Effective marketing boosts your school's reputation in the community and helps attract, recruit and retain new students and teachers. Developing a value proposition is key to this.

In this session Justin Smith explores how you can effectively harness the power of marketing and, importantly, how you can maximise the impact of your marketing budget. As an added bonus, he will also consider how this can help you to develop meaningful relationships and even secure business sponsorship. This session is all about understanding what your school has to offer and sharing this effectively with others.

Take home points:
Justin will focus on:
  • effective marketing techniques;
  • maximising marketing budgets;
  • building reputation;
  • using your school’s brand to forge lasting (and profitable) relationships.
This session is for:
SBMs who want to hone their marketing skills and take them one step further – to boost their school’s relationship, standing in the community and make useful relationships for now and in the future.

Justin’s worked in the education sector for 15 years. In 2014, he joined Wymondham College responsible for marketing strategies, fundraising and business sponsorships. A strong advocate of the benefits of networking and forging long-term relationships, Justin passionately believes that it’s all about the people and is an enthusiastic and energetic practitioner. In 2015 Justin was awarded the National Association of School Business Management annual Marketing Award and became a NASBM Fellow in 2017. Justin has established his own business, Chameleon Training and Consultancy, designed to provide specialist marketing and income generation support to the education sector.