Restructuring in schools; minimising the effects on your workforce

Merlyn Vlotman, HR consultant, Strictly Education

Although some of us thrive on change, many people dread it; hearing that there is going to be a ‘restructure’ can strike fear into the hearts of staff and, if not handled sensitively and effectively, a restructure can prove to be a rocky, and sometimes destructive, ride for those charged with trying to steer it through. But re-structuring is a regular and ongoing process for schools these days – and, increasingly, an area which SBMs lead in. How this is managed will have a significant positive, or indeed negative, effect on the team’s morale and the smooth progress of those needed changes.

In this session, Merlyn will look at the effects of restructuring in schools, on the workforce and on staff wellbeing. She will also explore how human resources are integral to managing change.

Take home points:
  • setting the right tone early to foster positive behaviours;
  • the power of communication;
  • understanding the process that leads to better management.
  • This session is for:
    SBMs who are, or potentially will be, a key member of a team delivering a process of restructuring in their schools

    Merlyn has a wealth of HR experience, including working within the charity sector as an HR Business Partner. She provides support in people management practices, the development of school staff and the wider school workforce, support and consultancy on complex and diverse HR issues.

    In her role she continues to work in partnership with client schools to provide guidance and advice on all aspects of HR.