The challenges of academy conversion - Manchester

Vickie Keeling, trust director, United Endeavour Trust

This session will focus on the role of the SBM during and post conversion. Vickie Keeling has risen through the ranks to become trust director at United Endeavours Trust; join her and trust CEO Wendy Whelan to gain a 360-degree perspective on the work of trust directors/SBMs. Vickie will share her experience as a SBM and then trust director, while Wendy will discuss the impact she has felt as a consequence of core service support and the effect this has on trust and individual academy standards.

Take home points:
Vicki and Wendy will focus on:
  • the role of the SBM in academy conversion;
  • the importance of core service support in a trust setting;
  • best practice in terms of the management core services;
  • understanding team dynamics within a trust’s leadership.
This session is for:
SBMs for whom conversion is on the horizon and who are keen to establish what their position will be and what their role will entail. It’s also for SBMs who work in an academy or trust and want to explore best practice in terms of the delivery of core service support.