A collaborative force to be reckoned

Louise Hatswell, finance director and business manager, chair of SYSBL

The SBM role has long been on a journey of development and it’s the practitioners who have propelled it from a back-of-house post to a leadership position. One key element in this has been the SBM groups and networks which provide a platform from which to share knowledge – and be heard.

Louise Hatswell works across three schools as director of finance and SBM and also chairs the South Yorkshire School Business Leaders (SYSBL) group. With the support of her schools' heads, she joins us to consider the burgeoning SBM groups that are bringing SBMs together, providing a platform for the exchange of knowledge, information and support, as well as a united voice. Louise considers how isolated schools – and SBMs – can be and explores the potential for collaboration, outlines her group's achievements and provides valuable advice on setting up – and managing – a SBM group. This session is all about working together and being stronger for it.

Take home points:
Louise will focus on:
  • the key benefits of being a part of an SBM group;
  • building support networks for schools and SBMs;
  • seeing and developing collaborative opportunities;
  • advice on setting up a group for SBMs in your area.
This session is for:
SBMs who wish to expand their horizons and their networks – opening up a space for the exchange of knowledge and collaboration. It’s also tailored to those who already run a local group – or are members – and are interested in opportunities for collaboration with Louise’s own locally-based group, or others closer to them.

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Louise is a practising SBM who, fortunately, likes to be kept busy. At present she works as a director of finance (dividing her time between three very supportive schools – Saint Pius X Catholic High School, Rawmarsh St Joseph's Catholic Primary School and Our Lady & St Joseph's Catholic Primary School), a trustee and a Fellow of the NASBM and she still found the time to establish and now lead the South Yorkshire School Business Leaders Group (SYSBL). She has extensive experience in school business management and continues to build on this and apply it to the benefit of the schools she works in and her colleagues she works with.