Effective staff recruitment and retention

Katie Newell, head of content and PR, eTeach

Your people are your greatest asset - and your greatest expenditure. Ensuring that you have the right people is largely dependent upon selecting from a strong pool of candidates and we all know how much of a challenge this can be! Job boards and recruitment agencies are fishing for teaching candidates from the same pond as you but, somehow, doing it better. So what’s their secret? Katie will reveal how to join up the school marketing tools you didn’t even know you had. She will discuss the merits of offering paper and online ‘upload’ application methods – and how you can attract more, suitable, candidates, by offering a totally different way to apply.

Used properly, your existing and free resources can dramatically increase your teacher candidate pipeline and dramatically reduce your recruitment spend. Join Katie to discover methods that can double the exposure of your recruitment adverts and learn which three recruitment habits are doing your school the most damage.

Take home points:
  • how to turn your school into a recruitment machine;
  • how you might be making it almost impossible to apply for a job with you; • the critical timings to communicate for optimum candidate engagement;
  • how to join up recruitment marketing and use free platforms to your advantage;
  • a case study on a MAT that has saved a fortune in just one year;
  • your modern choices for job applications – what teachers want;

  • This session is for:
    This session is for: Those with an interest in recruitment, and with budget responsibilities, who want to drive best practice through innovation.

    Katie Newell BA (Hons) PGCE, an ex-primary school teacher – head of maths, head of Year 5 and languages specialist – is head of content and PR for eTeach. Katie publishes and promotes thought leadership articles and research results from surveys of our 1.7m candidate database of teachers and education professionals and 7,500 member schools and colleges.