Making a move from a maintained school to a MAT

Headteacher James Roach and business manager Sharon Carlyon, Laurance Haines Primary School

A successful transition from a maintained school to a MAT requires leadership and cultivating a healthy culture not across one but across multiple academies. In November 2016, Laurance Haines Primary School converted to an academy and set up the Inclusive Multi-Academy Trust – as an empty trust at that time. By March 2018 the school had undertaken the process of converting two schools to join the trust. Headteacher James Roach and Business Manager Sharon Carlyon share their journey and that of their trust’s – delving into the conversion and setting-up process and the challenges that she and the head met along the way.

Sharon and James explain their reasons behind conversion, the importance of having a clear ethos and vision as well as the need for embedding strong support structures. As the first school in the UK to receive the National Nurturing School award – which allows staff to develop and embed a nurturing culture throughout their schools – Sharon and James will lead you to success.

Take home points:
James and Sharon will focus on:
  • reasons to consider conversion;
  • the conversion and setting-up process;
  • developing a clear and shared ethos and vision;
  • what you need in a school; and what school’s need in you;
  • what’s on your skills T-shirt?
  • Leadership skills and resilience.
This session is for:
SBMs who are imaking the move from maintained school to MAT.