Get your health and safety hard-hat on! Creating the right H&S culture in your schooll

David Taylor, health and safety research and development officer, Xact

All employers have a legal responsibility to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of their employees – including schools, academies and MATs. With swathes of health and safety regulations being issued on a regular basis, this session hears from an expert about how best to mitigate the obvious - and not-so-obvious - risks and what to prioritise when it comes to H&S training. David will share with you the best way to establish a manageable routine for good health and safety management for those with overall responsibility, and how to raise awareness with all staff. Nobody goes to work to get hurt – this session will help you to keep all your people as safe as possible.

Take home points:
  • how to raise awareness amongst staff;
  • your legal responsibility in terms of health, safety and wellbeing;
  • developing and implementing a routine for good health and safety management.
This session is for:
Those who wish to better understand their school’s legal responsibility to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of employees and how you can embed health and safety management in your school.

David joined the Xact Group Ltd in 2016, having formerly worked as an advisor in the warehousing and transport industry. Previously to this David completed his Occupational Safety & Health degree and is a graduate member of IOSH.

In his time with Xact, David has carried out secondment duties for our corporate clients which included work in SEN schools. He has also installed a number of health and safety management systems and is actively developing our e-learning training platform.