Workshop: measuring and increasing staff wellbeing

Maggie Hurd, regional development consultant, Education Support Partnership

The work of an SBM is never done. How many times have you started your working day early and finished it late? How many skipped #SBMlunches have you enjoyed?

Maggie Hurd is regional development consultant at the Education Support Partnership – a charity which champions the good mental health and wellbeing of school staff. In this interactive workshop she shares the learning, understanding and support tools necessary to make you a champion of good mental health and wellbeing – for yourself and your colleagues. This session is all about putting the health and wellbeing of staff front and centre.

Take home points:
Maggie will focus on:
  • current learning and research related to staff wellbeing in schools, the recruitment and retention crisis and the effect this is having on school staff;
  • understanding the importance of looking after our own wellbeing;
  • tools to support with your own wellbeing, recognising stressors and some ideas to take back to school for staff to use;
  • looking at ways that you can support your own staff wellbeing;
  • group activities and practical suggestions to take back to school.
This session is for:
School staff who want to create better working environments, motivate their staff and unlock the mysteries of the work-life balance.

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Maggie has worked with Ed Support for seven years and has a background working in staff health and wellbeing. A trained nurse, she has a passion for supporting all staff in education and is experienced in delivering training and development workshops. Outside of work Maggie is a keen cook, loves walking in the countryside of her newly adopted home in North Yorkshire and spending time with friends, family and Norman, her dog.