Leadership: developing a ‘coaching culture’ in your school

Andrew Blench, school business management consultant, School Business Partner

‘ ‘Coaching is the predominant style of working together where a commitment to grow the organisation is embedded in a parallel commitment to grow the people in the organisation,' (Clutterbuck and Megginson 2005). Can developing and embedding a ‘coaching culture’ help school leaders – and leadership teams – secure system-wide improvement?

School business leaders will be aware that, when it comes to leadership, it’s not just about delegating; it’s about supporting staff to assume more responsibility and feel empowered in their everyday working life. In this practical workshop, Andrew will consider how a ‘coaching culture’ can support and drive school-wide improvement. He will dissect prevalent organisational cultures, introduce coaching models and consider how a 'coaching culture' looks and feels different. This will be a hands-on workshop and will include one-to-one or small group exercises.

Take-home points

  • what coaching is, how and why it works;
  • introducing different coaching models
  • dissecting prevalent cultures in schools;
  • how a school which has a coaching culture looks and feels different;
  • how to introduce and embed a successful coaching culture in your school.
This session is for:
School business managers and leaders who want to drive school-wide improvement while tending to the needs of, and supporting, individual members of their staff.

Andrew is a business manager with over 30 years’ experience in education, finance, healthcare and public sector. He now operates as a school business management interim and consultant in South & West Yorkshire, North Derbyshire, North Notts, Manchester and Peak District. Andrew is passionate about making a difference to people’s lives through organisational improvement and is fully committed to continuous professional development and the improvements that this drives at school level, and importantly on a personal level.