Effective team management

A school's staff are it's core asset; this is reflected in the percentage of a school's budget spent on staff. Schools need the right people, in the right roles and the right structure to operate at their best. As school structures, and the broader educational landscape change, the right roles and structure might change too.

Restructuring can be difficult for everyone involved; knowing the right process and having the confidence to make the right decisions can be an SBMs greatest resources.

Take home points:
This session will focus on:
  • measures to implement to avoid/minimise redundancy;
  • facilitating communication and consultation with employee and union at the earliest opportunity;
  • developing clear criteria to be fairly and objectively applied in the case of a restructure – assessing roles and redundancies;
  • exploring redeployment opportunities to support employees;
  • ensuring the opportunity to make representations and/or appeal is available to employees made redundant.
This session is for:
SBMs who want to make staff or cost-efficiencies, or are faced with making redundancies and wish to do so in a compliant, effective and sensitive way.