Blue Ocean strategy for MAT leadership

Stephen Mitchell, chief operating officer, Spencer Academies Trust

In an environment where MATs are increasing in number, and the emphasis on quality is ever important, how do you create a strategy that makes you stand out from everyone else? This seminar will explore the concepts of how to create that space which will allow your MAT to do something unique, add value and give yourselves a USP on which to hang your vision for working with children.

This session is all about walking through some key tools that can be used to identify where you add real value and to spot opportunities for doing something differently – leading the field. Stephen will look at:
  • the management focus deficit;
  • strategy canvas;
  • value curves;
  • six paths;
  • innovation diamonds;
  • tipping point leadership.
Take home points:
Stephen will focus on:
  • identifying where your focus should is, and should be;
  • how to identify and map your strategic advantages;
  • tools to navigate and get change happening;
  • an innovation diamond to embed innovative thinking into your MAT.
This session is for:
SBMs and school leaders who are interested in shaping where their organisation is going. If you believe that you can control and shape your future, then this is for you. It will be an interactive session, with small group exercises and health and, safety permitting, a physical demonstration of Tipping Point Leadership!

Stephen is the chief operating officer at The Mowbray Education Trust. He has a strong business leadership background, is a qualified accountant, has delivered award winning capacity building projects around the world for the UN, EU and World Bank. He has also recently finished his Masters of Business Administration, with a thesis focussing on raising the quality of management in education. Stephen is keen to break the mould and tear down the ‘boring’ accountant stereotype and is also keen to share his experience and knowledge with others in the sector. He has written for ISBL, of which he is a Fellow, and also runs a regular series, the Really Important Bits, in EdExec, which explores what is covered in an MBA. You can find further writing and resources at