Effective financial management of your premises

Tim Roots, CEO, Parago Software Ltd

Properly utilised, your premises can offer a path to better financial health. Parago director Tim Roots explores how schools and federations can achieve substantial cost and efficiency savings in a sector suffering from flat cash and rising costs. He addresses issues high on the agenda of both the EFA and FASNA

Take home points:
Tim will focus on:
  • fraud through asset misappropriation;
  • sharing resources across local schools;
  • Ensure compliance with automated H&S checks and work schedules;
  • providing central ICT and Premises services;
  • MAT/school federation procurement strategies;
  • unified and streamlined contract management;
  • reducing finance staff workload and saving on auditor costs;
  • room and property letting.
This session is for:
SBMs who wish to make the most of their assets and make cost and efficiency savings to alleviate fiscal pressures. This is all about savvy management.

Tim Roots is the founder and CEO of Parago Software Ltd. – which has been developing asset management solutions with schools across the world for 10 years. A dedication to using 100% input from education users has resulted in a product that evolves to continually meet the ever-changing needs of those in the sector. Previously, Tim was the founder and MD of Portable Computers, a FastTrack Tech company who became the largest supplier of laptop computers in the U.K