Challenging, pressurised, intense…why are we school business managers? A view from the 'Engine Room'

Our very own engineer; business manager and finance director

Challenging, pressurised, intense…why are we school business managers? Because it’s FUN! EdExec’s ‘View from the Engine Room’ correspondent is here to help you remember why you love your role in your school and why you can’t imagine doing anything else, as well as offering tips on what might be the next steps on your own career pathway.

An SBM for over 15 years, our 'engineer' offers a practical and humorous viewpoint, encouraging us to appreciate this wonderful and varied role and its impact on the teaching and learning of our pupils. There will also be a focus on your own well-being while undertaking this complex role.

This will be an interactive session so bring along your stories to share and be ready to tell the room about what your future career looks like.

Take home points:
  • the true nature of the SBM role;
  • your own well-being as you support everyone else;
  • career pathways and your personal progression;
  • the future of the SBL role.

    This session is for:
    SBMs who wish to explore the current scope of their role, how it is evolving and the options and opportunities that are open to them in terms of development and career pathways.