School ICT; how and why your current IT could be delivering more

Kevin Robinson, services architect, RM Education

When ICT works, it’s a dream, but when it doesn’t it can be a source of endless frustration! Technology is there to enhance all areas of school life; however, ensuring that you have the right IT in place, optimised in the class room, is a hurdle many schools often stumble at.

Kevin will offer advice to help you realise your vision for ICT excellence and innovation in your school – and how to maximise your technology investment. Getting best performance from your school ICT and how to refocus your IT provision on classroom impact will be explored, along with online safety and GDPR requirements. Learn how you can develop your IT vision so that your technology choices actually help to improve management systems, learning outcomes and deliver better value for money, using resources more effectively to deliver cost-savings.

Take home points:

  • getting best performance from your school ICT;
  • cost-efficiency;
  • online safety;
  • GDPR requirements.

This session is for:
SBMs who wish to realise their vision for IT excellence and innovation in their schools and maximise their technology investments.

Kevin Robinson is a services architect at RM; he brings with him over 25 years of experience working in IT across both the education and corporate sectors. His role at RM involves visiting over 100 schools per year to understand their individual needs and challenges and then translating the benefits that RM’s services and technology can provide.