Strategic procurement; the DfE’s Schools Buying Strategy

David Allen, ISBL Fellow and Schools Commercial Team, DfE

The Schools’ Buying Strategy – published in January 2017 – set out the Department for Education’s aim to support schools to save over £1bn a year by 2020 on non-staff spend.
David Allen will set out the work being completed by the DfE Schools Commercial Team to deliver this objective. This will include discussing the latest guidance and deals that are available to all schools.

Take home points:

  • the School’s Buying Strategy and how it works to support schools;
  • latest government guidance on school’s buying;
  • the deals available to schools and ensuring that you opt for the right one.
  • This session is for:

    SBMs who wish to learn more about the School’s Buying Strategy, and how they can apply it in their school to optimise their spend.

    David Allen has extensive experience of working in both the public and private sector. David is a former cluster school business manager, finance director of an academy and regional advocate for the National College. David is a Fellow of ISBL and has a long association with the organisation, being a former associate practitioner. He has done much to support the professional growth and recognition of school business management in the sector. David’s experience also extends to having worked as a freelance consultant and more recently in a local authority – overseeing academy conversions.