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Leadership by example with Nickii Messer

10th November 2017
Nickii Messer was one of the first school business managers and is now an experienced consultant who delivers training to SBMs at Anglia Ruskin University (ARU). In an edition of EdExec she shared her journey through [read more]

Need to know: GDPR in the education sector

9th November 2017
We know it’s coming. The warning bells have been ringing and schools and academies have been preparing for May 25, 2018 – when the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force. To ensure [read more]

The perils of post-16 funding cuts

8th November 2017
Teacher and SBM unions have long expressed concern about the level of post-16 funding across the country. In this report, Hayley Zimak looks at how we got to this point – and the impact it’s [read more]

Getting payroll right

7th November 2017
Staffing costs are a school’s greatest expenditure and typically account for 70% of the total budget. With changing legislation and government policy, payroll has become increasingly complex and, if not managed correctly, you may have [read more]
Editor's Choice

EQUALITY – find out what it means to me

14th November 2017

Education is fundamental to equality of opportunity. By raising awareness of diversity in schools, and working to eliminate discrimination, all students are given the opportunity to thrive – to reach their full potential. The EQualities [read more]