Nearly 25% of independent schools feel swamped by regulatory compliance

Nearly a quarter of independent schools are struggling to keep up with current regulatory complia... More

English private schools could benefit from Scottish referendum 'yes' vote

A “yes” vote in the Scottish referendum could result in a boom in recruitment for ind... More

Offer all children chance of private school, parents say

Two in five parents think every child should have the chance to go to private school, regardless ... More

Head of one of London’s leading private schools: 'I wanted job because school gives so many bursaries to poor pupils'

The head of one of London’s leading private schools revealed she applied for the job becaus... More

Tony Blair's former private school slashes £160,000 from tax bill by registering as a charity

Tony Blair’s former private school is among a trio of private learning establishments that ... More

Welcome back!

We hope you've had a lovely summer and managed to squeeze in some time off before the start o... More

Private school cadet forces 'facing closure' in funding shift

Dozens of private school cadet forces are facing closure because of a “disastrous” cu... More

Private school fees 'have soared by a fifth in just five years'

A study from Lloyds Bank has found that private school fees have increased by more than £2,... More

Ofsted chief: private schools ‘must justify their tax breaks’

Private schools should be stripped of their charitable status for failing to sponsor state academ... More

Private school GCSE table: pupils opting for alternative exams

Record numbers of private schools are abandoning GCSEs amid concerns over exam standards and the ... More

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Woman jailed for fraud at three Stafford schools

A finance manager has been jailed for five months after admitting a string of frauds involving ov

Government plan to expand preschools attacked as 'nonsensical'

   The government’s controversial plan for schools to take two-year-olds

ASCL blog: What’s in a title?

Val Andrew, ASCL’s business leadership/management specialist, offers her thoughts o

Six tips for a great work/life balance

Ah, the elusive work/life balance. Many crave it, yet so few seem to achieve it.