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Deck the engine room with boughs of holly

18th December 2017

As we wind down for Christmas and schools are overrun with nativity play angels and streams of tinsel – and the festive spirit is truly embraced – WorkingSBM delves in to the true spirit of [read more]

Talking your way to great management

24th November 2017
Leadership is paramount when it comes to effective management; it brings teams together and is a sure way of getting the best out of your staff and your school. How you lead can improve student [read more]
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Rise to the challenge: SBMs of tomorrow

17th November 2017
For better or for worse, the government, through reform, is changing the face of education as we know it. Marie Cahalane considers the development of the school business manager (SBM) and the crucial role SBMs [read more]
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EQUALITY – find out what it means to me

14th November 2017
Education is fundamental to equality of opportunity. By raising awareness of diversity in schools, and working to eliminate discrimination, all students are given the opportunity to thrive – to reach their full potential. The EQualities [read more]

Leadership by example with Nickii Messer

10th November 2017
Nickii Messer was one of the first school business managers and is now an experienced consultant who delivers training to SBMs at Anglia Ruskin University (ARU). In an edition of EdExec she shared her journey through [read more]