Close your eyes; inhale; count to five…now exhale. Time to take a few moments out for some light and interesting reading. ‘Live it’ is all about well-being, also offering news, reviews and chuckles so you can take a well-earned break from numbers and statistics!

Is your staffroom as happy as your classroom?

Live it
8th September 2017
Teachers work hard to ensure their pupils are thriving and growing in happy classrooms but, what about the staff themselves? Achieving happiness in the staffroom can feel like the search for the Holy Grail and, [read more]

Wellbeing: Mindfulness, growth mindset and grit

Editor's Choice
29th August 2017
Sometimes it can feel like we’re running without our feet ever hitting the ground – no traction – we over-exert – burnout – without the satisfaction of moving forward or experiencing achievement. In an extract [read more]