…and we’re pretty darned awesome. We have more chemistry than a GCSE science lab and with our heady brew of fantastic attributes we will always deliver what you need



Our people make us what we are. As a team we rebound creatively off one another (like atoms!) generating a real buzz that imbues all we do – made possible by hard work and commitment!


Ours is a creative business. Perfection and boundary pushing are two if our favourite things; this is evident in the editorial, design and format of everything we produce, and in our advertising solutions.


As a small team we understand the pressures others might be under. To this end, support and team work is always encouraged; we work together to ensure the best result for our readers and clients.


Taking pride in our work means taking responsibility for our actions. We’re all experienced professionals and a superior and professional level of service and product are essential to the success of our business.



Vicki Baloch
Vicki cut her teeth selling tipex to unwitting strangers but very quickly stepped up the ranks at IMS, eventually overthrowing the management in a bloodless coup. She now runs the show like a boss.
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Matthew Moore
Head of sales
Matthew Moore is the longest standing member of staff here. His knowledge of the industry is second to none, however his willingness to share this knowledge is limited. Cantankerous.
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Marie Cahalane
Editorial team
Marie swam from Ireland in 2015, so desperate was she to join the ranks at IMS. She got very lost and actually ended up swimming to land-locked Paraguay. To this day no one knows how she achieved this feat.
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Tim Martin
Editorial team
Tim was headhunted by the Mexican government at a young age due to his natural sporting prowess whilst under the influence of tequila. They experimented on him for two decades but learned very little.
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Austin Clark
Editorial team
A man of mystery, when Austin arrives in the office it is a day of celebration. Party hats are donned and carefully choreographed jigs are prepared in his honour. His background in writing words is diverse and wordy.
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Billy Odell
Creative team
In 1991, Billy's parents told him he was 'quite good' at drawing and since that fateful day, he has been trying to live up to their dreams of him being a human drawist.
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Natalia Johnston
Head of events
Natalia's love of animals brought her to IMS, as she had heard tell of the feral creatures that resided within these four walls. By the time she arrived, however, everyone was house trained so she got a dog instead - Percy, our Morale Monitor.
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