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Alternative funding streams; crowdfunding technology

29th March 2018

As technology becomes more prevalent and, according to research by BESA, investment by schools in education technology is set to increase, there’s a growing impetus for schools to ensure that they’re investing in (the right) technology. [read more]

Succession planning; skills today, for tomorrow

22nd March 2018
Succession planning is essential to ensuring effective leadership throughout the school eco-system; integral to this is having a plan that extends into the future to cope with anticipated – and unexpected – changes to personnel. We consider the [read more]

The nuclear family: centralised core services

8th March 2018
When it comes to schools and academies there’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ solution. However, given the significant time and cost savings realised through the centralisation of core services – such as finance [read more]

Positioning yourself for success

1st March 2018
The role of the business manager is integral in schools. Facing a diverse and continually developing range of responsibilities – from finance and recruitment to leadership development and ICT – how can SBMs ensure that their [read more]