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Edtech: Ensuring more than just great technical support

4th June 2018
In April 2016 RM Education produced their first case study on Newent Community School and Sixth Form Centre, which summarised their IT team restructure and how RM supported this change in their large, thriving school. We continue to follow their journey here as school business manager [read more]

From the magazine: Managing the ICT magic

29th May 2018
The successful use of technology is about more than just procuring the right tools; it requires efficient management to ensure that everything runs as cohesively and effectively as possible. ICT encompasses a variety of areas [read more]

From the magazine: A gateway to improvement

23rd May 2018
Benchmarking; you either love it or hate it. When implemented effectively, it can be a useful tool to support student outcomes, school budgets and business management as well as being used to inform decisions – at a [read more]