What seminars and speakers can we expect?

Seminars are expert-led and address the pressing matters impacting the education sector and school business management. Sessions cover finance, funding and income generation, marketing, premises, management and all the acronyms – CPD, HR, ICT, GDPR…Plus, we’ve added an academy stream.

Speakers include practicing business managers, finance and trust directors, CEOs, CFOs, independent consultants...all sector experts and all on-hand to ensure that you have access to the information that you need.

Seminar topics are subject to change. Visit the site regularly to keep up-to-date with the latest.

The Big Debate Rethinking school business management and leadership; future proofing the role of the SBL

This is an exciting time – the face of school business management and leadership is changing. More autonomy, increased responsibility, higher demand, greater expectations, changing support mechanisms, decreasing funding, spiralling on-costs and centralisation by growing MATs; effective school business management for the future may require us to rethink current approaches and develop models and frameworks more suited to evolving operational structures. More SBLs are considering ‘next steps’ now.

It’s a time for questioning: What area(s) do you want to focus on? What skills will you need going forward to drive improvement and ensure a sustainable future for your school – and for you, professionally? Further, what avenues of career progression are and will be available to you? And, how can you best position yourself to take advantage of the right opportunities for you?

In June’s debate, our panel will unpick these questions and more.

Panellists will explore how the role of the SBM is evolving – dramatically; the need for professionalisation – which includes networking – regionally and nationally, training, embracing leadership and responsibility for decision-making; the opportunities that are arising for those in the sector, the appeal of these to employees in other sectors and the inevitable competition for SBL roles that may come with this.

Have a question that you would like to submit to the panel? Please, email Marie – all submissions will be completely anonymous.