Our seminars are a chance to learn, boost your skills and network with like-minded peers. The day includes a wide range of relevant advice, insight and inspiration to suit the nebulous nature of the SBM role. Seminars and panel debates will cover a broad array of subjects including collaboration, marketing, income generation, moving to the cloud, leadership skills and much, much more.

EdExec LIVE is timetabled to ensure you get the most of your day – we understand the value of flexibility, so you get to attend the mix of sessions that best suits your needs and the needs of you school. 

To make session selection easy to navigate we have broken them down into sets – so you know where you want to go

Spend, save, strategiseGrowth/developmentTechnology mattersSurvival of the fittest
Here you will find practical sessions on finance and funding, income generation, collaborative procurement and implementing smooth operations

The budgetary horizon
A practical seminar which looks at developing strategies for long-term (three to five years), school budget planning. This session will look at why consistent financial planning and reporting can help keep your school’s balance healthy and offer advice on how you can implement a strategy in such turbulent financial times
Economies of scale
School budgets are stretched, and yet the show must go on. How can schools tread the financial tight rope and procure the products and services needed? More and more are looking at collaborative purchasing, procuring at economies of scale. This session looks at the power of collaborative procurement and how to implement it
A winning bid
Schools are treading a financial tightrope; all forms of income generation are welcome – do you know what grants are out there and how to successfully apply for them? Gain practical expert advice in this session
Working with what you’ve got
Learning is a beautiful thing – and educators are true innovators. But what happens when their hopes for the curriculum don’t fit the budget? This session looks at costing the curriculum
Spotlight on sponsorship, publicity, and income generation
In an age of school budget cuts, securing additional revenue streams for school finances remains central to balancing the books. What avenues are available when considering new business relationships, sponsorship and generating extra income? We answer the question with practical examples and a series of tried and tested strategies
These sessions will be aspirational and seek to provide the foundations for growth – both professional and personal – in terms of CPD, leadership and management

Managing your team
This session offers helpful tips on how you can best manage and successfully lead your team to success. And touches on how you can enhance performance and reward your team by paying attention to their individual needs and supporting their professional development
Putting your people first
Schools are gaining both autonomy and responsibility. This session aims to look at some of the legal obligations that schools are subject to in terms of staff employed and offers guidance on how to ensure your school’s processes are both transparent and compliant when it comes to HR 
Specialists in success
With the advent of academisation and the subsequent changes made to school business management posts in education as a whole, the debate about the merits of specialising in HR, accountancy, marketing or more general finance administration continues to unravel. We look at how to make light work of becoming an expert in your chosen specialism
Technology is designed to make our lives easier. Sessions in this stream explore the technology there to aid business management, streamline processes and perhaps save you a pretty penny

ICT data management
As new technologies continue to proliferate it can be difficult to know which ones can best support the main financial decision making processes within a school. We explore how better data management can help to ease workload pressures and improve efficiencies
A desire for data
EU General Data Protection Regulation (EUGDPR) has just been introduced (goes ahead May 18 and sees significant changes made to data protection and security legislation. Our expert breaks down what this will mean for schools in practice and explains how common breaches of the law can be avoided
Sessions in this category explore innovative answers to difficulties in the education sector – essentially providing you with ideas how you can future-proof your school

A structured approach
How effective are the staffing structures in your school? This seminar seeks to advise on how best you can assess internal teaching, learning and support structures – and restructure for a more effective operation. Relevant for both schools and academies, primary or secondary. This session will offer an effective model to boost staff performance and and streamline management processes
Outstanding school branding
Your school's a brand – and that brand has a voice. What does your school say to prospective students, parents and teachers? This session explores how you can harness marketing to boost your school’s reputation in the community, attract and recruit new students and teachers, and, importantly, Justin will also look at managing your school's profile - for better or for worse
Knights of the roundtable
The decision-making process in schools and academies is a complicated and tiered process. In this session, we look at the role of the governing body in school finance, how you can work with your trustees/governing body and how to ensure that you’re heard and listened to
*Event seminar topics are subject to change. Re-visit the site regularly to see the latest information about speakers and seminar topics.

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