Our seminars are a chance to learn, boost your skill and discuss while you network with like-minded peers. The day includes a wide range of relevant advice, insight and inspiration to suit the nebulous nature of the SBM role. Seminars and our panel debate will cover a broad array of subjects including collaboration, marketing, income generation, IT, grants, procurement, leadership skills and much, much more.

EdExec LIVE North is timetabled to ensure you get the most of your day – we understand the value of flexibility, so you get to attend the mix of sessions that best suits your needs and the needs of you school. 

To make session selection easy to navigate we have broken them down into sets – so you know where you want to go

Spend, save, strategiseGrowth/developmentTechnology mattersSurvival of the fittest
Here you will find practical sessions on finance and funding, income generation, collaborative procurement and implementing smooth operations

Playing the long-game: a solution based session on strategic budget planning
Finance and funding
A solution-based session on strategic budget planning. Those responsible for their school's finances know the importance of developing long-term budgets; they also know the difficulties of doing so where there's a lack of certainty and clarity! This practical seminar looks at innovative ways to develop strategies for long-term, whole school budget planning. An interactive session, it offers advice on how you can implement a strategy for the future – whether you gained or lost through the national funding formula. Use the session to share ideas, suggestions and plans on managing long term budget issues and discover the power of using solution-based approaches.
Pupils at a premium – do the right thing; show that you're doing it
Pupil premium
This practical, interactive workshop explores how heads and SBMs can use this vital funding to demonstrate value for money and shows how published Pupil Premium Plans have made the greatest impact on Ofsted. Make sure you bring/have access to your current PP plan to get maximum benefit from this workshop and learn how to make sure that not only is your PP funding used effectively to ‘diminish the difference’ in outcomes for your disadvantaged pupils but your evidence of benefit is also clear, focused and Ofsted-ready.
Effective site and facilities staffing management
Premises/facilities management
Making sure site management operates efficiently and effectively is an important part of the SBM role. However, it’s becoming increasingly difficult as budgets tighten and the pressure to reduce overheads increases. The challenge is finding dependable staff who are competent to manage the maintenance, opening/closing and cleaning of the premises; where this fails, it’s often the SBM who steps in to cover unexpected absence or answer an alarm call at 3am! This session looks at the role of the site manager and examines the options available to SBMs – to save money and ensure school premises are efficiently run at all times.
These sessions will be aspirational and seek to provide the foundations for growth – both professional and personal – in terms of CPD, leadership and management

Cutting the cost of absence
Human resources
Is staff absence the bane of your life? The work, disruption, ill-feeling and expense generated by staff absence in schools is a real problem. We all know how important it is conserve funds and are well aware of the financial and organisational impact staff absence can have if not managed well. This session will explore ways to minimise the cost and effects of absence, looking at the importance of ongoing monitoring and early intervention for persistent short term absentees and the effective management of longer term absence issues. Can you afford not to attend?
Effective team management
Leadership and management
Staff are schools' biggest expense schools but, equally, their greatest resource. Effectively managing your team – optimising input to maximise output – is a key skill for school business leaders but, truth to tell, many people promoted into leadership positions in all walks of life are poorly prepared to carry out this crucial role effectively. Think about the staff managing people in your own school; hand on heart, how many of them are really skilled at the task? In this session we look at how you can encourage staff to work more efficiently and lead your team to success.
Technology is designed to make our lives easier. Sessions in this stream explore the technology there to aid business management, streamline processes and perhaps save you a pretty penny

Let’s talk about VoIP
VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is also known as cloud telephony, hosted telephony and a lot more. Do you really know what that means? With public sector spending in decline, announcements from BT about proposed changes to traditional telephony as well as changes in the way in which staff are working, communicating and collaborating, this session is a must attend to get a clearer understanding of all of the features, benefits and cost savings available to your school. Interested? Don't miss this session
Effective financial management of your premises, IT and inventory and contracts
Management software
Properly utilised, your premises can offer a path to better financial health. Parago director Tim Roots explores how schools and federations can achieve substantial cost and efficiency savings in a sector suffering from flat cash and rising costs. He addresses issues high on the agenda of both the EFA and FASNA including: - fraud through asset misappropriation; - sharing resources across local schools; - providing central ICT and Premises services; - MAT/school federation procurement strategies; - unified and streamlined contract management; - reducing finance staff workload and saving on auditor costs; - room and property letting.
Sessions in this category explore innovative answers to difficulties in the education sector – essentially providing you with ideas how you can future-proof your school

See me...hear me...
Growing your brand...and your school
Are you aware that your school is a brand – and that this brand has a voice? Many schools have been slow to understand this fact of 21st century school life and think 'branding' only applies to soulless products. Not true; your brand is your ethos writ large. So, what does your school say to prospective students, parents and teachers? This seminar explores how you can harness marketing to boost your school's reputation in the community, attract, recruit and retain new students and teachers, and, importantly, how you can maximise the impact of your marketing budget.
A winning bid
Income generation
Schools are treading a financial tightrope and all forms of income generation are welcome. Do you know what grants are out there and how to successfully apply for them? This session offers practical advice on grants and shares valuable business skills such as marketing and entrepreneurship. In the current financial climate SBMs and heads need to go beyond traditional fundraising approaches and develop new ways of thinking. Gain the knowledge, tools and support you need to make a real, tangible difference to the lives of your students.
The price is right
Savvy procurement
School budgets are stretched, and yet the show must go on. How can schools tread the financial tight rope and procure the products and services needed? In this session we consider the procedures and policies that can be introduced for procurement of services and resources; how to make use of the internet and local groups to achieve VfM; the use of benchmarking data to analyse spend; working with budget holders, and, importantly, best practice when it comes to avoiding wastage
*Event seminar topics are subject to change. Re-visit the site regularly to see the latest information about speakers and seminar topics.

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