Our seminars are a chance to learn, boost your skill and discuss while you network with like-minded peers. The day includes a wide range of relevant advice, insight and inspiration to suit the nebulous nature of the SBM role. Seminars and our panel debate will cover a broad array of subjects including collaboration, marketing, income generation, IT, grants, procurement, leadership skills and much, much more.

EdExec LIVE North is timetabled to ensure you get the most of your day – we understand the value of flexibility, so you get to attend the mix of sessions that best suits your needs and the needs of you school. 

To make session selection easy to navigate we have broken them down into sets – so you know where you want to go

Spend, save, strategise
Here you will find practical sessions on finance and funding, income generation, collaborative procurement and implementing smooth operations
These sessions will be aspirational and seek to provide the foundations for growth – both professional and personal – in terms of CPD, leadership and management
Technology matters
Technology is designed to make our lives easier. Sessions in this stream explore the technology there to aid business management, streamline processes and perhaps save you a pretty penny
Survival of the fittest
Sessions in this category explore innovative answers to difficulties in the education sector – essentially providing you with ideas how you can future-proof your school
*Event seminar topics are subject to change. Re-visit the site regularly to see the latest information about speakers and seminar topics.

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