ICT connectivity: A world-wide view of education

18th April 2018

Technology is all about innovation; in a connected world, Josephine Lister, editor of HundrED – a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to driving educational improvement, suggests taking a global perspective to education, identifying key global education trends [read more]

The prominence of gamification in education

23rd March 2018

Gamification is not new in teaching and learning, however, the increased use of technology in classrooms and an increased focus on embedding game mechanics in edtech means that it’s reaching new levels. Carl Sheen, head [read more]

The essential guide to classroom tech

8th February 2018

Ah, technology…the cause and the solution to so many of our day-to-day problems! When it works it works very, very well, but when it doesn’t there are only so many times that you can try [read more]

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