From the magazine: A level-headed approach

2nd May 2018

Efficiency and effectiveness are the end goal when it comes to school processes. So, how do you review and develop systems and processes whilst managing your team and your day-to-day tasks? For the April issue of Education Executive, Marie [read more]

From the magazine: making sense of numbers

25th April 2018

‘Money makes the world go round…’ and, in the world of the SBL, finance is a central concern. In this, part V of ‘The Really Important Bits (RIBs)’ series, featured in the April issue of Education Executive, Stephen Mitchell, [read more]

Succession planning; skills today, for tomorrow

22nd March 2018

Succession planning is essential to ensuring effective leadership throughout the school eco-system; integral to this is having a plan that extends into the future to cope with anticipated – and unexpected – changes to personnel. We consider the [read more]

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