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DfE report shows apprenticeships continue to drop

18th June 2018

The Department for Education’s research on apprenticeships shows that their uptake has dropped 28% since the levy was introduced The Department for Education has published its Apprenticeships and levy statistics: June 2018 report and the [read more]

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From the magazine: Mayday! Mayday!

13th June 2018

The role of the school business manager can be an isolated one. So, what happens if something goes wrong? In the May issue of Education Executive, Working SBM reminded us that ‘Mayday’ is a powerful word which we mustn’t [read more]

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Avoiding the pitfalls of ineffective edtech implementations

12th June 2018

Successful education technology implementation is only a few steps away says Nicholas Svensson, executive vice president of product development at SMART Technologies. He shares key implementation steps, considerations and best practices Implementation is one of the most [read more]


The Academies Financial Handbook 2018 is released

12th June 2018

The government has now released the latest Academies Financial Handbook The 2018 edition of the Academies Financial Handbook, which sets out the financial management, control and reporting requirements that apply to all academy trusts, has [read more]


Going green with Casio: responsible disposal

11th June 2018

Schools are moving towards a more sustainable model – more economical and environmentally conscious. The team at Casio – lamp-free projection manufacturer – are supporting the cause through the Casio Recycling campaign. They explain what it is and how [read more]