10 natural ways to boost your energy

Next time fatigue starts to set in, avoid the caffeine and try one of these simple tricks to give your body a little more ‘oomph’

CREDIT: This is an edited version of an article which appeared on the Natural Health website.
1. Small but mighty
Studies suggest that just a handful of raisins can fuel a workout. So, when you’re feeling a little slow, reach for these tiny bites of goodness.
2. ‘Scentsational’
Try aromatherapy to help you stay alert. “Diffusing citrus essential oils such as orange, lemon or grapefruit is a great way to refresh and boost energy,” explains Mary Dalgleish, vice president of the Federation of Holistic Therapists. “Rosemary is excellent if you need to be alert,” she adds.
3. Food exchange
“Swap white carbs for brown,” advises The Medicinal Chef, Dale Pinnock. “These have much more fibre, which means they are digested more slowly, preventing the highs and lows that cause our energy to crash.”
4. Colour therapy
According to science, yellow is the colour most commonly linked with a healthy mood and alertness, closely followed by positive shades orange and lilac, so why not place a bold array of blooms on your desk? The gorgeous smell will help to boost your mind, too!
5. We’re all ears
“Massaging your ears can increase energy, creating a sense of wakefulness,” explains Mary. “Simply rub the edges of your ears between two fingers, from top to bottom a few times.”
6. Rhythm is a dancer
Tara Stiles, yoga instructor and author of Strala Yoga, recommends a dancer’s pose to ignite energy levels. “Shift your weight onto your right leg, bend your left knee and grab hold of your left foot with your left hand. Hold, then when you’re ready, hug your knee into your chest, before placing it back down. Take a few breaths then repeat on the other leg,” she says.
7. Stay hydrated
“Even a five per cent drop in hydration can make you feel fatigued and fuzzy,” Dale Pinnock warns – so, when you hit the 4pm wall, swerve the coffee and simply reach for a glass of H20.
8. A head start
Give yourself an Indian head massage when you’re feeling lethargic. “A vigorous scalp massage is a wonderful pick-me-up that can be done at any time to increase circulation to the head and boost energy,” says Mary.
9. Phone a friend
Research conducted by the department of psychology at the University of Wisconsin found that hearing a supportive or familiar voice prompts the brain to release oxytocin, a stress-fighting, mood-elevating hormone. So, when you need a boost, give mum a ring.
10. Spice up your life
In ayurvedic medicine, turmeric has been used to raise energy levels in people suffering from lethargy or depression. The scent and taste of turmeric, when used in foods and teas, can stimulate your senses and invigorate your body.
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