EdExec LIVE: avant-garde ideas for school business managers

On June 21, EdExec LIVE returns to 30 Euston Square, London. What should you expect and why should you be there?

With its combination of avant-garde ideas, practical advice and lively debates, EdExec LIVE offers everything a SBM needs.
We champion the worth of thought leadership and strategic working and we also know the importance of practical advice on day-to-day issues. With sessions on pupil premium, CPD and human resources, as well as ‘nitty gritty’ subjects like funding and policy, we’ll give you the tools you need to save your school money. See full details of speakers and sessions here (final slots soon to be announced).
We realise that budgets are tight and that sometimes it’s difficult to justify taking a day out; however, keeping up-to-date with policy and investing in continued learning is an important part of the SBM role – you need to be informed to innovate and implement cost-effective operational strategies in-school. This is what EdExec LIVE delivers and it’s why we ensure that it’s accessible to all schools.
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Four reasons EdExec LIVE is a VfM day-away from the desk
1. It’s all about improvement
EdExec LIVE is organised to optimise time and maximise learning so you have a worthwhile day out of school. Sessions are interactive and information-led; so bring your questions and your challenges. It’s about finding the right solutions for your school. Check out sessions here!
2. Meet like-minded individuals
EdExec LIVE brings together school business managers and leaders from across the UK – there’s no better support than peer support! Meet local and national colleagues, from schools and academies, to share best practice and form new relationships that will benefit you and your school.
3. Professional resources 
We’re acutely aware that schools are required to do more for less; so BFSI (Budget-focused school improvement) is core to our agenda! EdExec LIVE delivers tangible ideas and examples of how to make school funding go further and ensure continued improvement. Sessions are developed with take-home points built-in to ensure you bring significant learning back-to-school.
4. Professional development
School business managers keep the education wheel turning; pivotal to this is ensuring that you are up-to-date and have the know how to play a strategic role in determining the direction that your school takes and ensuring that it’s the right one. EdExec LIVE is an opportunity to build on your knowledge and your skills and ensure you have all you need to support your school through uncertainty.

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