£10k pay gap in teacher pay in mainstream Coventry schools

CREDIT: This story was first seen in the Coventry Telegraph
There’s a pay gap of more than £10,000 between average teacher pay in the lowest and highest paid mainstream Coventry schools, the Coventry Telegraph reports.
Teacher salaries in Coventry mainstream schools vary from just over £30,000 at the schools with the lowest average teacher salaries to more than £40,000 at the schools with the highest average salaries.
Top of the list in mainstream schools in the Coventry Blue Coat Church of England School. The secondary academy in Terry Road, Stoke, pays teachers on average £43,686.
The school regularly tops the city’s GCSE results tables.
That compares with Templars Primary School in Templar Avenue, Tile Hill, which has the lowest average teacher salary of £30,211.
The lowest average teacher pay of any secondary school is at free school Finham Park 2 in Torrington Avenue, Tile Hill, where the figure is £35,462.
The highest average pay is £46,319 at Tiverton School in Rowington Close, Coundon.
The school serves pupils with severe learning difficulties. Some have physical and sensory disabilities and some are autistic.
The mainstream primary school with the highest average pay is Whittle Academy in Narbeth Way, Walsgrave where average teacher pay is £42,209.
The Rugby Free Secondary School in Anderson Avenue, Rugby, appears in seventh place on a list of schools outside London with the highest average teacher pay. The figure is £46,634.
The school outside London with the highest teacher pay is Sybil Andrews Academy in Suffolk where the figure is £48,472.90.
The figures appear in recent government statistics.
The average teacher pay figures include the pay of deputy heads and heads which means the figures can be inflated in small schools with high earning heads and deputy heads.
Teachers in local council run schools are paid on a pay scale set by the government. There is extra pay for experience and responsibilities. The pay scales are higher in London than outside London to reflect the capital’s high housing costs.
Academies and free schools can set their own pay scales. Some use the government pay scales and others set their own.
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