Recruitment: The teacher talent crunch

19th July 2017

In this timely article on the state of teacher recruitment Baljinder Kuller, MD at The Supply Register, offers advice to business managers and heads on how they can plan for the future and attract the [read more]

Edtech: Investing in educational APPiness

18th July 2017

We are living in a digital age and the students who pass through today’s classrooms will be tomorrow’s tech-experts. Here Ranjit Singh, CEO of Genee World, discusses the benefits of investing in apps and what [read more]

Social mobility and DfE funding for schools

17th July 2017

Social mobility is high on the government’s agenda and education is crucial to enabling it. Educational consultant Tim McShane considers the path to social mobility, the DfE funding to support it and the wider role [read more]

On cloud nine: Migrating to the cloud

14th July 2017

Privacy and security concerns have, in the past, meant that many schools have refrained from migrating to the (mysterious) cloud. We speak to the experts to assess cloud risks, benefits and how to set yourself [read more]

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