Guernsey’s education system is under pressure

24th October 2018

Former and present members of Guernsey’s Education Committee are butting heads regarding the island’s school system, according to ITV News The former president and vice president of Guernsey’s Education Committee have called on the the [read more]

How important is technology in education?

24th October 2018

Sir Anthony Seldon of the University of Buckingham claims that, within the next 10 years, artificial intelligence (AI) will cause a shift in how we teach students. So, how important is technology in education and [read more]

From the magazine: Shaping tomorrow

23rd October 2018

Our Lady’s High School, London, is a champion of progress and received an SSAT Educational Outcomes Award earlier this year in acknowledgment of student achievements. In October’s issue of Education Executive, Marie Cahalane caught up with [read more]

October 2018

23rd October 2018

Read Education Executive October 2018 – full of great articles, top tips and other things!

‘Zero tolerance’ school absence policy pays off

22nd October 2018

A ‘zero tolerance’ school absence policy set by Nottingham City Council is proving effective as council reports best result in 10 years, Nottinghamshire Live reports According to Nottinghamshire Live, the latest DfE figures, released Friday, show that [read more]

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