December/January 2019

31st January 2019

Read Education Executive December/January 2019 – full of great articles, top tips and other things!

Funding for new autism school agreed

31st January 2019

News and Star has reported that a new special free school being built in Cumbria has secured funding Following a wave of stories centring around the lack of education provision for SEND pupils across the [read more]

What does the typical SBL look like?

31st January 2019

The last 20 years has brought great changes to the profession. So, in 2018, what did the typical school business professional look like, asks Hilary Goldsmith Credit: this is an edited version of a story [read more]

What really influences happiness at work?

31st January 2019

Recent research, using data covering the UK’s top 10 most populated cities, has shed some light on the happiness levels of Britain’s workers and reveals a surprise outcome for the happiest sector – business management [read more]

From the magazine: Focus on the future

29th January 2019

Seaview Primary in north Belfast was named the UK school with the most ‘innovative use of technology in learning’ at the TES awards this year. Over the course of a Skype call, Marie Cahalane caught [read more]

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