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EdExec LIVE brings everything you love about Education Executive to life – but as a live event enables you to take your learning further; you attend the sessions relevant to your school and can ask the questions relevant to your situation

What do this year’s seminars cover?

Our all-new sessions cover a range of business management areas – enjoy sessions focused on budget-focused school improvement (BFSI) – covering finance, managing your school’s brand, professional fundraising, CPD, innovative ICT, education law, staff management, academisation, building business relationships, and more.
Want to make your financial management more robust, and perhaps find additional support? Why not join Gillian Allcroft of the NGA as she explores how you can work with governors to achieve financial stability. Need to boost your school’s image? Justin Smith will be delivering a session on marketing – even delving into how you can use your school’s brand to recruit student, staff and even sponsors. While Liam Deacy explores the importance of fundraising and communications – offering practical advice.
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What’s the benefit to me? Wherever you are based, and whatever post you hold – changes in the education system will impact your role. EdExec LIVE is an opportunity to test the waters – speak with others in a similar position and gauge what they’re doing to manage their school, but also what they envisage for the future. Sessions are tailored to school business management – looking at how you can make and save money – how to proof your school for the future. Plus, speakers and exhibitors are well versed in school business management and are on hand to offer you the advice and information you seek.
You know the deal: EdExec LIVE is an event tailored to your needs – providing solution based approaches to the education sectors challenges. Content is all-new, covering efficiency savings, asset management, fundraising, marketing, HR, finance, ICT, and so much more.
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