Case study: Ecclesfield School projecting into the future

The dim-lit days of dodgy projection in classrooms is quickly fading into the past. So, what can we expect to take us into the future? Ecclesfield School encountered Casio projectors at Bett Show and have never looked back. ICT suppot officer, Michael Rodgers shares the the reasoning behind their projector resolution

When it comes to purchasing new projector technology you want to be sure you’re investing in a brand which not only meets the requirements of your classroom and students, but also your budget.  After trialling a Casio Green Slim projector – during an encounter at Bett Show with the lamp-free technology pioneers – ICT support officer Michael Rodgers decided to take an entire fleet of their projectors for 90 of the rooms at Ecclesfield School and has never looked back.
Rodgers explained: “We have chosen Casio projectors for years now, mainly because of the brilliant value for money but also because of the high quality of the product and the incredible support our team are provided with.”
casioFor the past eight years, Ecclesfield has maintained a strong relationship with CBC Computers, choosing them for the ongoing project of replacing their current projectors with Casio’s leading Green Slim Series. Their decision to move to lamp-free technology was based on time and money saving initiatives which they wanted to employ throughout the school after identifying these issues through their auditing process.
“All of Casio’s projectors are covered by a five year/10,000-hour warranty, which made the switch quick, easy and hassle free,” Rodgers noted. “Casio and CBC Computers have provided us with a real fix-it-and-forget-it solution.”
The hybrid Laser and LED light source is Casio’s alternative to the more traditional based lamp models available on the market; they require little maintenance as there are no lamps or filters to change meaning less time is wasted by IT managers having to make repairs.
Thanks to Casio’s Intelligent Brightness Control, where the light output is automatically adjusted according to the levels of ambient light, Ecclesfield’s specification to CBC Computers of the need for a high picture quality could be met.  This feature minimises power consumption – and running costs – by ensuring that the brightness delivered is no more than required.
This means Ecclesfield is not only staying on trend with the latest technology innovations on the market, it’s also keeping its environmental credentials in check.
Nearly every teaching room at the school is now equipped with a Casio Green Slim projector which have been a hit with staff and students alike.  Rodgers concludes:  “We’ve been in a Building Schools for the Future contract with the local council for a number of years and so when this came up for renewal, we specified we would like some of the funding to go towards a roll out of new projectors for the school.  Having been so impressed by the demo model, we asked for Casio and only Casio to be our sole provider.”
Learn more about Casio and what Casio can do to enhance your school’s learning and teaching environment.

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