Key elements of governor engagement

5th February 2018

Governors are fundamental to setting the aims and objectives of schools. Theirs is a strategic role and success depends on their knowledge and awareness of the school they govern. This is where the SBM steps [read more]

Walk a mile in my shoes…

17th January 2018

The feeling that there aren’t enough minutes in the day is one which many readers will be familiar with. How do you ensure that you’re working to live, rather than living to work? Marie Cahalane [read more]

From school to academy and back, part I

5th December 2017

According to government figures released in August there are 6,540 academies in the UK – which equates to 24.4% of primaries and 63.2% of secondaries. The introduction of academies – and MATs – is impacting [read more]

The rise of the unqualified teacher

23rd November 2017

Ben Evans, of Edge Grove School, considers the teacher crisis and explores seeking out the very best for your school According to official government numbers many hundreds of thousands of children across the country are [read more]

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