The benefits of going green

22nd June 2020

Going green is more than ‘nice to have’— it offers schools real, tangible benefits. Henry Greenwood, founder of Green Schools Project, offers insights into how going green saved his school, Kingsmead School in Enfield, £37,000 [read more]

Is the UK ready for a freelance workforce?

12th June 2020

The UK and EU economy is fast becoming increasingly reliant on the freelance workforce’s contribution. The coronavirus has accelerated this transition to flexible working, but before the pandemic people had already began to see the [read more]

The benefits of flexible working

1st June 2020

Flexible working is the benefit at the top of almost every employee’s wish list. From potential candidates to long-term employees, juniors to executives, flexible working is the job benefit of choice CREDIT: This is an [read more]

Schooling under lockdown around the world

27th May 2020

Adapting, picking battles and bribery aid home schooling from Bulgaria to Bondi Beach during the coronavirus pandemic CREDIT: This is an edited version of an article that originally appeared on The Guardian The words of [read more]

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