From the magazine: Personal mastery

9th September 2019

In the second instalment of a new series of articles – Driving School Improvement – Stephen Mitchell, chief operating officer at the Spencer Academies Trust in Nottingham, looks at personal mastery – the first aspect [read more]

No leader should be an island

4th September 2019

Jill Berry, who worked in the education sector for over 30 years, explores what it means to be a school leader and how collaboration can make all the difference CREDIT: This is an edited version [read more]

The psychology of summer holidays

24th July 2019

Why do holidays pass so quickly – and how can we make them a better experience? CREDIT: This is an edited version of an article which appeared on the Psychology Today website, written by Ronald [read more]

Improving behaviour in schools

23rd July 2019

New guidance from the Education Endowment Foundation finds good evidence that personalised approaches, like daily report cards, can improve disruptive pupils’ behaviour. We look at the report’s six recommendations for preventing and responding to misbehaviour Published last [read more]

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