MIS challenges, solutions and what the future holds

1st November 2017

MIS is a crucial piece of the school business management puzzle. A comprehensive solution, it covers core database, statutory returns, timetabling, behaviour-management, extra-curricular management, assessments and tracking, text and email, parents’ evenings, online portals for [read more]

New lease of life: school facilities lettings

30th October 2017

The hiring out/leasing of school facilities can improve a school’s bank balance and also help develop community relations. What are the crucial legal matters that need to be considered before giving the public the green [read more]

SBM groups: an opportunity to learn and network

23rd October 2017

“SBMs value opportunities to network and we thrive on enhancing our knowledge,” Caroline Collins, SBM and chair of LPASBM, says. Marie Cahalane, editor here at EdExec, recently had the opportunity to attend LPASBM’s inaugural conference [read more]

Team work makes the dream work

20th October 2017

What are the five most important skills that managers and leaders must be able to demonstrate when leading a team? Tim Martin explores which attributes you should be fostering and how you should be managing [read more]

Nurturing resilience in the school environment

19th October 2017

Reading, writing, arithmetic…and resilience. Anna Bassi, editor at The Week Junior magazine, takes a close look at the role of resilience in the school environment and the benefits to students and staff alike From citizenship [read more]

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