How to write the perfect to-do list

31st March 2020

Looking for freedom from that familiar nagging feeling? Here’s how to get stuff done without overwhelming yourself CREDIT: This is an edited version of an article that originally appeared on The Guardian website  In theory, [read more]

COVID-19 – separating fact from fiction

24th March 2020

With a new and frightening virus – COVID-19, or Coronavirus – sweeping the globe, it can be easy to be taken in by the fictional elements of what’s happening… While scientists are working frantically on [read more]

Handling difficult conversations at work

4th March 2020

Maintaining workplace happiness can sometimes mean entering into difficult conversations with employees in order to offer support or resolve conflicts. Being able to handle the situation proactively, with sensitivity and open-mindedness, is a skill that [read more]

Top four character traits of great employees

2nd March 2020

On paper, a future employee may look great – but we’ve all worked with people who came with excellent credentials but also a toxic personality that made everyone on the team miserable CREDIT: This is an edited version of [read more]

How to be a better listener

11th February 2020

When you mention the qualities you look for in great business person, it’s nearly a given that the ‘gift of gab’ is near the top of the list. Everyone loves a business person who can [read more]

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