Pupils in Scotland suffering due to poverty

25th February 2019

Scottish school pupils are suffering from poverty in their home life, leading to high numbers of sign-ups for free school meals; Aberdeenshire County Council is aiming to change this issue The two schools with the [read more]

The School Cuts campaign

21st February 2019

The NEU – with the support of other education unions – is running an ongoing campaign against cuts to school funding. The campaign has seen thousands of teachers, school staff and parents protest against the [read more]

SEND funding in Nottinghamshire a ‘disgrace’

21st February 2019

The Nottingham Post has reported that local politicians have dubbed SEND funding in the region a ‘disgrace’ Local Nottinghamshire politicians have described the state of SEND funding as a ‘disgrace’. Senior Tory councillors in the [read more]

Everyday ways to cut everyday costs

18th February 2019

Whilst making the most of school budgets, it is essential that you scrutinise your expenditure. Small business expert and author of Simple Tips, Smart Ideas: Build a Bigger, Better Business, Erica Wolfe-Murray, provides some simple, [read more]

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