Updates to the T level action plan

16th October 2019

The Department for Education has updated its T Level action plan in readiness for its implementation The Department for Education has laid out how it is planning to reform technical education and develop the T [read more]

How to implement climate change education in schools

14th October 2019

There has been plenty of debate surrounding climate change education in schools, stemming from the recent, student-led strikes CREDIT: this is an edit of an article which originally appeared on study.international.com (https://www.studyinternational.com/news/climate-change-education-schools/) Youth activist Greta [read more]

Improving behaviour in schools

23rd July 2019

New guidance from the Education Endowment Foundation finds good evidence that personalised approaches, like daily report cards, can improve disruptive pupils’ behaviour. We look at the report’s six recommendations for preventing and responding to misbehaviour Published last [read more]

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