The power of WomenEd

10th December 2019

Are you a woman in school leadership? Do you know where to turn for support and advice when it comes to making your voice heard? The gender pay gap in education is nearly 19%. This [read more]

How to be an effective member of your SLT

4th December 2019

How, as a school business manager, can you ensure that you’re an effective member of your school leadership team? Sue Birchall explains how SBMs can be effective leaders whilst operating well as part of a [read more]

Handling team absences

27th November 2019

Employees may need time off for a variety of reasons, from short-term sickness to long-term or chronic illness. With school management teams tending to be quite tight-knit, an absence can prove challenging As many absences [read more]

The top employee retention strategies

25th November 2019

How do you win the employee retention battle? How do you keep from losing your employees in this kind of job market? CREDIT: This is an edited version of an article which originally appeared on [read more]

Is your team big enough?

20th November 2019

Who does your team, at school, consist of? Is it enough for the size of the school? A  recent Twitter thread revealed the truth… SBMs are so often under pressure, and juggling many different tasks, [read more]

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