Cost of Guernsey's new education model revealed

As reported by the BBC, Guernsey’s new education model is set to cost £157m

According to the Education Committee, Guernsey’s new secondary school model will cost £157m.

This is actually £30m less than initial projections, and the committee has applied to the States for funding.

The plan will see four schools turned into one multi-school site, as agreed with the States last year.

Various significant changes have been proposed to overhaul the island’s education system.

The curriculum is set to be more varied while pupils will enjoy improved facilities.

According to Deputy Matt Fallaize, equality of opportunity will be at the “heart” of the model, whereas the current system has inequality “built” into it, he said.

“Students have different opportunities depending entirely on their 11+ results or where in the island they live.” he said.

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