Council cuts may hit Welsh education

Council cuts could impact school funding in Wales, according to the BBC

Councils in Wales are facing real terms cuts; councils fund schools, meaning that they are likely to take the hit.
Many schools in the country have already had to cut jobs and courses, and are expecting to face another difficult year. Government figures show that these pressures are felt more keenly in secondary schools.
Around 40% of secondary schools are carrying a deficit, while the overall level of school reserves is slightly up due to an increase in the primary sector.
In many secondary schools, it’s cuts to sixth-form funding that are being felt the most keenly. More cuts are expected in the near future.
But the government says it is “restoring” funding for school sixth-forms to the same level as this year.
A further £15m has been promised from central funds for teacher development and support, but details on how this will be spent have not been revealed.
Further education colleges are currently in dispute with staff about pay and workload and will also be looking for enough cash to help appease the unions.
Colleges and universities are set for another difficult year too, as changes to student finance and university funding increase put the sector in flux.
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