Coventry's secondary school performances proving 'concerning'

Coventry’s secondary schools are proving to be cause for concern, with the standard pass for English and maths falling way below the national average

Concerns are being raised over the performance of secondary school pupils in Coventry, according to the Coventry Telegraph.

All-in-all, 92% of local pupils attend ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ schools – higher than the 87% national rate.

However, just under 40% of students in this area are leaving secondary school without the standard pass in English and maths, which is far below the national average of 64.2%.

Speaking at an Education and Children’s Services Scrutiny Board at Coventry City Council last week, Councillor Peter Male said the figure is “unacceptable”.

Councillor David Kershaw added: “Secondary school performance is not good enough, let’s be clear on that.

“Are we challenging enough? Are we being honest enough? It is so easy to say it is not our job as they are academies.”

Director of education and skills, Kirston Nelson, said she was “confident we are in a system that is improving”, adding: “The stark reality is 36% of children nationally aren’t [passing English and maths in secondary school], so it is a national issue.”

Anne Brennan, education advisor, added: “We know we still need to do a lot more around secondary and continue to improve both attainment, progress and achievement overall.”

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