DfE release new policy paper looking at reducing teacher workload

The DfE has produced a new paper that details what the government is doing to reduce unnecessary workload for teachers, including details of the workload challenge

The paper, made available on November 10, provides information on the government’s policy to help remove unnecessary workload for teachers.
Following the Teacher workload survey 2016, the paper sets out the steps that the government will be taking to reduce teacher workload.
The DfE protocol, developed in response to the 2014 Workload challenge survey, sets out the DfE’s commitment to introducing minimum lead-in times (i.e. the times schools have to prepare for the changes they need to make) for significant changes to accountability, the curriculum or qualifications.
It also outlines a commitment to do more to consider the workload of staff in schools when introducing such changes.
You can view the full report here: Reducing teacher workload
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