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When it comes to ease and efficiency, lamination does not have the best reputation with educators

Typically, machines can only tackle one document at a time, meaning the user has to stand around loading, reloading the machine and waiting until the job is done. Then, if the document is not inserted in the laminating pouch properly or the pouch is not fed into the machine in a straight line, time can be wasted redoing the job a second time.

But GBC now offers users a solution to these common pain points with the introduction of the Foton 30, the world’s first fully automatic laminator.

In just four easy steps, the Foton 30 gets the job done quickly and perfectly every time. The user can simply drop the paper into the feeder, press ‘Run’ and walk away to complete other tasks. They will return to a tidy stack of laminated pages which have been trimmed to perfect precision. There is no need to load pouches or feed the documents into the machine. The Foton 30 automatically straightens all pages, detects thickness and controls spacing. This fool proof operation saves users 98% of their time spent on laminating compared to using traditional laminator machines. See the Foton 30 in action versus a traditional pouch laminator:

Simplicity and efficiency

The Foton 30 boasts integrated auto feed paper alignment, four internal rollers, advanced sensors that adapt to the film thickness, and an intuitive control panel. The machine can handle jobs of all sizes and is even capable of producing banners. This capability is not typically possible with a traditional laminator and would normally require a trip to a specialist print shop. See how easy it is to do:

The Foton 30’s advanced features are crucially important in a post-COVID world.  The automatic laminator’s one-touch operation minimises the need for contact with the machine, unlike traditional laminators that require the user to touch each piece of paper and laminating pouch to get the job done. Since the user does not need to stand around to operate the machine, the Foton 30 helps maintain social distancing in busy or high-traffic areas of the school’s office by eliminating the need to loiter near the machine until the job is done.

For any post pandemic driven health and safety measures to be successful, they need to be clearly communicated. Signage in classrooms, corridors, toilets, halls, gyms, cafeterias, reception areas will help to accomplish this, and remind students and staff to comply with any new measures that may be in place. Laminating signs help to protect and preserve these important notices from damage, destruction, and vandalism. Since the signs are preserved in plastic, lamination allows them to be wiped down and sanitised regularly without damage. The Foton 30 allows these signs to be preserved quickly and in large batches.

The Foton 30 has proven to be highly beneficial in demanding educational environments. With teachers and support staff busy catching students up on the curriculum and making up for any delays that the pandemic may have caused, the Foton 30 helps these educators save valuable time and extend the usable life of important documents and resources. Read testimonials from users on our dedicated education landing page –

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