We've set the 2019 date for our school business management and leadership conference EdExec LIVE; join us in London on June 12, 2019

EdExec LIVE is an event tailored to management and leadership in the education sector. We provide tangible, targeted, relevant information that makes a difference to your role and your school or academy.

The event is an interactive learning experience, quite different to other conferences currently on the circuit. The key value, as we see it, is the intimate nature of our events – and our focus on helping you skill-up and network. Building on the success of previous EdExec LIVE events, the 2019 conferences will deliver even more opportunities to learn, new sessions, new speakers, more exhibitors and a powerful panel discussion.

If there is business management or leadership subject that you would like to see addressed?
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Those in the business of managing schools; finance directors, bursars, operating officers, those who manage business, ICT or whole school planning. EdExec LIVE is loaded with value for you and your school, proving that a day away from your desk, whether in Manchester or London, really can be worth your while.

EdExec LIVE focuses on delivering relevant information, practical advice, aspirational stories and pragmatic solutions to the latest challenges and changes occurring in the sector. Sessions cover everything from finance and funding to legal advice and staff management to CPD, HR and ICT – all delivered by a host of sector experts.

This site provides you with the information you need about EdExec LIVE. Have a look around to learn more.

What they say

Thank you for a fantastic day; I came away full of ideas which I will bring into school as soon as I can. It was really wonderful to get other colleagues’ perspectives on our role and the Big Debate was very illuminating. Fiona Wilkinson, London 2018