Busting the myth of 'pointless' long-term budget planning Edexec

Busting the myth of 'pointless' long-term budget planning

Busting the myth of 'pointless' long-term budget planning Edexec

Sue Birchall, Business Manager, The Malling School

Budgets keep getting tighter and schools are constantly having to figure out innovative ways to save and spend their money. This can lead to the belief that long-term budget planning in schools is a pointless, hopeless endeavour – but that’s not the case. Developing a long-term plan is vital; it’s just a case of thinking outside the box and being determined to maintain a road map to success. In this seminar, Sue Birchall guides us through the art of planning those budgets strategically, matching them to the curriculum and broadening your school’s financial scope through fundraising, parental contributions and more.

Take home points:

  • How to budget strategically.
  • Why long-term planning is vital when it comes to your school’s finances.

This session is for:

Heads of finance and senior managers.

About the speaker:

Sue is an SBM at The Malling School, but also works with The Holmesdale School and supports a local primary. She holds a degree in school business management from Manchester University and has had a career in schools spanning almost 20 years. Sue has worked in primary and secondary schools and, in her role as a writer and consultant, she has helped school leaders with many aspects of school management.

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