Community engagement is king Edexec

Community engagement is key

Community engagement is king Edexec

Phil Burton, SBM, Hallbrook Primary School

How involved in the community is your school? In this seminar, Phil Burton, SBM at Hallbrook Primary School, will dive into the reasons why engaging with the broader community is so important – both for strengthening relationships and for securing additional revenue streams for your school.

Education can be slow to respond in its engagement, and Phil believes that not enough school leadership professionals focus on the wider perspective. On joining Hallbrook four years ago, he discovered that the school had no strategy for community involvement or social media, and there was a lot to do in engaging the wider community; now, during enrolment season Hallbrook is having to turn people away and Phil – and his team’s – work in keeping parents and the wider community engaged is a large part of that.

Thanks to events such as dinners, camping trips and fun runs, Phil has seen a massive boost in the uptake of parents evenings, funding for the school and, ultimately, the overall reputation of Hallbrook – and he’s joining us at EdExec LIVE to teach you how to do the same.

Take home points:

  • Learn how to engage with the wider community.
  • Discover new funding revenues.

This session is for:

Any education professional.

About the speaker:

Phil joined the education sector four years ago and is an award-winning SBM. He brought with him 16 years of operational knowledge in food catering services, project management, sales and customer services management, community engagement,  H&S management, HR, fraud investigation, leadership management and operational management. He is accredited with the Institute of Leadership and Management, Chartered Institute of Professional Development and Institute of School Business Leaders. Phil is also an article writer for a number of education supplements including EdExec, Primary School Management (PSM) and TES.

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